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Innovative Thought Leadership

How We Work

Sahan is committed to the pursuit of thought leadership. As a regionally and globally oriented organisation, we connect decision makers with impartial analysis grounded in innovative contextual research, the expertise of top thinkers and pioneering ideas. We are constantly reviewing, renewing, and revitalizing our sources of information, our analytical perspectives, and our projections of possible scenarios. Sahan combines exceptional research capabilities, in-depth understanding of local contexts, knowledge of development fundamentals, established local relationships, with world class analysis to inform and develop strategic options that empower policy makers, diplomats, and practitioners.

Charting Our Growth

Our Approach

Research, Analysis and Policy Advise

Since its inception, Sahan has experienced significant growth and impact, particularly through research-focused projects. We have collaborated extensively, notably with the SOAS University of London, the University of Manchester, and the University of Oxford to establish the acclaimed Research and Evidence Facility.

Strategic Counsel, and Risk Management and Diplomatic Support

Our diverse programs include research and analysis on governance and security, conflict analysis, and investigative research on topics including Islamist movements and violent extremism. These initiatives highlight the complexities of security forces in multiple countries, as well as transnational networks.

Charting Our Growth

Our Evolution

In 2012, Sahan emerged as a third-party monitoring and verification entity, but it quickly pivoted towards research-focused programming. This shift led to significant contributions in areas such as political economy analysis, security mapping risk assessments, conflict analysis, transnational security threats, and more. Sahan then undertook multi-year activities to enhance mutual accountability frameworks, establishing robust capabilities for evidence-based analysis. Sahan has also engaged in inclusive political processes through research and policy dialogue. Over time, Sahan has developed a sophisticated understanding of the interconnected issues of governance, politics, security, and knowledge management. Currently, Sahan focuses on three key areas: Good Governance and Politics, Security, and Learning and Knowledge Management.

Our Vision

To be a thought leader and international point of reference for peace, security and governance challenges in the world’s most complex environments.

Our Mission

To serve as a pathfinder for governments, multilateral and private partners, providing field-based research and analysis to inform policy and practice in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

Our Core Values

Continuous Learning

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