About Us:

In a constantly changing Somalia, keeping up to date with the latest events; whether political, economic or even social, can prove to be challenging. There are numerous local media outlets, however most report only in Somali, thereby hampering the access to information due to language barriers. Even when the information is accessible, the sheer amount of information available makes it difficult to differentiate between rumours and facts.
Instead of spending hours browsing the internet in order to find information on Somalia, Sahan has created a daily comprehensive bulletin called The Somali Wire.

The Somali Wire is a daily newsletter that enables readers to stay up to date with the latest events and analysis. The Wire covers politics, security, economy and diplomacy in Somalia and Somaliland. Every day our team selects, reads, translates, and analyses the most important news for our readers. The front page provides a short editorial giving the perspective of one of The Somali Wire’s in-house experts on the hot topic of the day.

The Somali Wire is the only daily newsletter in the region that provides translated and verified news on Somalia.

TSW offers a 7-day free trial after which you can choose to subscribe to our newsletter and get access to premium content (consisting of customized analysis and reports aligned on your focus of interest).

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About the Team

Our strength is our team which includes experts from different fields, editors, writers, IT expert, political and security analysts, researchers, content experts, and a designer.

About the Work Process

The Somali Wire works like a newsroom. A research expert selects the most recent and important news of the day, after which our content experts verify the news according to the following criteria:

  • Accuracy of information
  • Relevance
  • Comparing with other media sources
  • Assessing the credibility, reputation of the source
  • Contacting sources on the ground
  • Does the information fit our trend analysis

Our analysts brainstorm and agree on the editorial message, and two editors review the editorial as well as the articles, and organise them per section. The editors also add source descriptors, in order to facilitate the understanding of the article and its source for the reader. The newsletter is then sent to our in-house designer for formatting before we send it by email to our readers. The opinions expressed in the selected articles do not necessarily reflect those of The Somali Wire, and neither does their inclusion in the bulletin constitute an endorsement.

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