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Strategic Counsel & Risk Management

3 September, 2021

Strategic Counsel, Risk Management, and Diplomatic Support

Globalisation, geopolitical interests, and growing economic interconnections are challenging traditional approaches, making strategy more necessary than ever. The frequency and speed with which leadership and political positions change are increasing—and the inequality between the global north and south is widening.
Sahan combines exceptional research capabilities (conventional, participatory, and investigative), in-depth understanding of local contexts, knowledge of development fundamentals, established relationships with local political and security leaders, with world class analysis to inform and develop strategic options to empower policy makers, strategists, and operators. This approach ensures that our partners who operate under increasing pressure from interacting security, political, and operational challenges, understand and adapt to a complex ecosystem requiring distinct approaches and capabilities.
Sahan’s services in this area of expertise includes but is not limited to:

    • provision of bespoke, forward-looking intelligence and risk advisory services;
    • provision of strategic analysis and reporting;
    • in-depth assessments, risk modelling, analytics, and handling of incidents and crisis situations;
    • risk management analyses of potential and actual partners;
    • context analysis including detailed mapping of actors, issues, influence, interests and intentions;
    • link analysis of relationships between key stakeholders that may affect performance, transparency, accountability and risk;
    • high-level advisory support to international organisations, intergovernmental organisations, and governments;
    • high level, on-demand strategic policy advice and technical assistance to national leaders, as well as to regional organisations and international institutions

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