About Sahan

Sahan is a forward looking, research-focused think and do tank, focused on promoting peace, security and development. Sahan’s decades of cumulative experience, professionalism and impartiality has over the years earned it, the reputation of a strong leader and facilitator in policy debates. We employ a thought leadership strategy, and as a regional and global oriented organisation, connect decision makers to a dynamic network of innovative contextual research and data, top thinkers, and ideas. Our team conducts practical, rigorous, and impartial analysis informed by evidence, to shape intellectual debate and design practical policy solutions.


A pathfinder, Sahan finds comprehensive solutions to complex challenges by leveraging our local knowledge of the context, dynamics, and interests of the area of study, as well as our extensive networks. We promote research, analysis, and policy advice as key elements of effecting change.


Sahan is becoming an international point of reference for supporting reconciliation efforts, security arrangements, and positive change in divided societies and fluid environments. We aspire to share our expertise and become a leading school of thought in peace and development studies.


At Sahan we believe in Excellence, Innovation, & Integrity.