Verification, Monitoring and Evaluation

Risk Management, Strategic Advice, and Political Economy Studies

Sahan’s unique monitoring, verification, and evaluation methodology combines political economy analysis, technical evaluation, and consequence management to provide donors and programmatic partners with the information they need to make sound decisions.

  • Risk Management, Strategic Advice, and Political Economy Studies
  • Risk management analyses of potential and actual partners
  • Evaluation of relations with stakeholders and their cooperation with beneficiaries, communities and local and national authorities
  • Consequence management for identified problems and challenges
  • Investigation of baselines and trends: assessment of political, security, and socio-economic dynamics

Somalia: Assessing local clan dynamics

Sahan conducts analysis of local clan dynamics and their impact on political and socio-economic factors in various localities across Somalia, in order to enable the agency/ client to make informed decisions around its projects and partnerships.

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