Peace Building and State Building

Research, Analysis, and Consulting

Sahan believes that a holistic understanding of the area of study is key for assisting political leaders in building strong institutions, enabling stabilisation, and ensuring the rule of law.

  • Assisting leaders in translating state building frameworks into pragmatic policy orientations and negotiating frameworks
  • Supporting national and sub-national leaders to articulate their interests, aspirations and concerns with regards to governance
  • Organising broad-based, consultative processes in support of state building

Strategic Policy Advice

Sahan provides governments, international organisations, and donors with strategic policy advice.

  • High level, on-demand policy advice and technical assistance to national leaders, as well as to regional organisations and international institutions
  • Advising sub-national leaders on how to best practice inclusive politics within their respective jurisdictions, including internal power- and resource-sharing arrangements, development of stable representation formulas for regional assemblies and the accommodation of weak or marginalised communities

Somalia: Supporting federalism and regional leaders

Sahan conducted a Leadership Engagement and Policy Advice (LEPA) activity involving the FGS and the FMS and which was linked to an extensive Participatory Action Research (PAR) exercise which included policy oriented consultations across Southern Somalia on key challenges on state building and federalism.

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