Training, Teaching, and Briefings

Sahan provides a variety of courses – from academic seminars to technical training – to political leaders, international professionals, and specialists. Academic courses focus mainly on peace and development in the Horn of Africa. Sahan believes in lifelong learning, and strives to bring together external experts to provide our own team with new skills and new perspectives.

Sahan’s services include:

  • A variety of academic courses ranging from introductions to living and working in Somalia, to more complex political economy classes
  • Technical training courses such as investigations or counter-IED training

Knowledge Management and Open Source Monitoring

Sahan has developed a Knowledge Management and Open Source Monitoring Platform, know as Kayd, to provide systematic data analysis by tracking patterns, clusters, and trends on our database. Kayd involves:

  • An online custom user interface
  • A mapping function
  • Open source monitoring
  • Language processing capabilities
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